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Welcome to my hybrid & city bike section, featuring a range of bicycles ideal for both commuting and leisure cycling alike. Hybrid bikes versatility ensures they are efficient for road riding, yet rugged and stable enough for light off road excursions. Essentially they're an all rounder; ideal for both newcomers to cycling and those who cycle on varied surfaces.

The majority of city bikes have a rigid frame (featuring no rear suspension) paired with either a rigid or short travel suspension fork. Most hybrids have a steel or alloy (aluminium) frame, with a few higher end city bikes offering the lightweight benefits of a carbon frameset.

Cheaper hybrids use caliper or V-Brakes, with more expensive models featuring mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes for increased stopping power. A hybrid's gear range is lower than that of a road bike, to aid their climbing ability. Ladies hybrids often feature a lowered crossbar compared to men's models, combined with a female specific saddle

A hybrid's purpose is summed up by their tyre width; typically wider than that of a road bike (and so slower on the road), yet skinnier than that of a mountain bike (and so not as suited to heavy off road riding).

For those who wish to ride as part of their daily commute, I also have a section for folding bikes. These small wheel bikes transform from a compact shape into a full bicycle, via a series of clever hinges and quick release levers.

So which city bike best suits your need? For riding exclusively on roads, you'll want a hybrid with a rigid fork, but for those of you who venture on canal paths might appreciate the comfort of a suspension fork. For those who require a bit of assistance (or prefer a bit less effort uphill), I've got an electric bikes section, and I also provide offers on gravel bikes for those all round cyclists where speed is a factor.

Below you'll find my selection of the best hybrid and city bike deals; not quite as fast as road bikes, nor as suited to off-road riding as mountain bikes, but due to their versatility a very popular choice amongst UK cyclists.

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Hybrids and City Bikes - otherwise known as hybrids, or commuter bikes - are perfect for beginner or all round cyclists, who mix up road cycling with a bit of off road riding! Essentially they're a good gateway into cycling, as they give the opportunity to mix it up on both tarmac and dirt, until you work out which discipline you prefer - road or MTB. Hybrids are versatile, but if you wish to try your hand at the velodrome, then you'll need my track bike section. If you fancy giving this cycling lark a crack, or just need a new bike to get to work, then below are a few city bike deals, organised with the cheapest (the model with the biggest discount!) featuring first.

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