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Welcome to my Cycling Deals website

Bike Bargains features cheap cycling deals and sale bikes

So what's it about?

Each weekday, I find cycling related deals at UK bike shops, and publish them here to save you money. I've been doing this since 2015, helping British riders to cycle on a budget. Essentially it's a collection of the reduced price deals you'll find in a bike shop's "Sale Section", all categorised and searchable.

The savings are usually substantial; I don't tend to list any items with less than 30% off. I aim provide as much information on the cycling products, as well as their current available sizing and colour options, so you can make an informed decision on whether they are suitable for you.

I also provide a strong indication to the postage and packaging costs, so you don't encounter any unexpected hidden charges when checking out.

To avoid confusion: I should clarify that I don't actually sell any of these cycling products, I merely link to them, and so whilst I'll do my best to answer any questions, you'll get more in-depth and accurate advice from the retailer themselves.

These cycling offers are published in 4 main sale categories; Bikes, Clothing, Components, Accessories, all of which I will expand on below.

Cheap Bikes

Cheap bikes with big savings

Road, MTB, Gravel & Electric Bikes, Hybrids and many more.

This section is fairly self explanatory; hundreds of bikes which have typically been discounted by at least 20%. Occasionally I will list a few cheaper bikes, especially during the current climate when there's a shortage of bikes, but for the most part they'll be heavily discounted. Typically the bikes with the largest reductions will be older models, or the more extreme sizes (XXS or XXL) but the majority of models should save you a few hundred pounds.

My bikes section is subdivided into various types of riding, including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Gravel Bikes. I also cater for those interested in riding Electric Bikes and Hybrids (City Bikes). Each of these bike sub-categories are searchable by size to eliminate the models that don't fit.

Every individual bike page has photos, a description and full specification so you can easily identify whether it's suitable for you. The specification includes the number of gears, bike frame material, wheel size, type of brakes, sizing, colour, year, weight (where possible) as well as manufacturer and retailer.

Sale Cycling Clothing

Cycling Clothing Deals

Jerseys, Jackets, Bibs, Shoes and Helmets

My bike clothing section is divided into the different types of cycling kit, such as jerseys, jackets, bib shorts and tights, as well as specialist cycling shoes and bike helmets. Generally speaking, cycling clothing has higher mark ups than other categories and this is reflected in the relatively large discounts; usually at least half price, and in some cases going up to 90% off RRP.

Virtually every apparel section is searchable not only by size, but also riding type (Road/MTB etc), so you can narrow down the clothing results to just the relevant kit. As with my other cycling deals, I only list clothing from respected bike shops and established cycle brands to eliminate both counterfeit goods and poor quality kit respectively.

I can only list the clothing offers that I find, and I have no control over what goes on sale. As such, the chances are I probably won't have the exact item that you are looking for. However, what I will have is something similar with large savings, and hopefully in a size that fits you.

The clothing that tends to feature the greatest reductions is the kit that's currently out of season; it's often cheapest to buy winter kit in spring, and summer kit in autumn. If you're looking to save money in the long run, then my advice is to stock up in advance.

Your best bet is to visit my clothing section, and either search all my deals by size, or visit a sub section and see what's currently in stock.

Discounted Bike Components Deals

Bike Components Sale

Groupsets, Wheels, Tyres, Saddles & Handlebars

This section is filled with bike components deals from established brands, divided into the different parts of your bike. Each of these pages are searchable based upon the main choices you have for the component in question. For example, my groupsets, front and rear derailleurs, chains, chainsets and other gear related deals are searchable by both riding type (Road or MTB) as well as the number of gears (7 to 12 Speed). This ensures that you are only a couple of clicks away from a list of components that suit your needs.

Similarly, the rest of my componentry deals, such as handlebars, pedals, stems, tyres, wheels, seatposts, saddles and grips & bar tape, are all setup so you can easily eliminate the irrelevant components (Road or MTB), hopefully leaving you with a handful of suitable bargains!

Bike frames and wheels are both searchable by riding type and also size; essentially for each component category I've aimed to give you the most relevant choices to narrow down the selection.

Each individual component page features as much information as I could gather, including description, material, weight, colour, sizing, usage, brand and retailer. Where possible, I've also linked to 3rd party reviews to establish the components performance in the real world.

Some of the components are listed because they offer huge reductions. In other cases, I've made a conscious effort to list popular bike parts (such as every cassette model I can find), each with the lowest available price. They may not have massive savings, but as far as I'm aware they'll be the cheapest price currently available.

Awesome Cycle Accessories Offers

Discounted Cycling Accessories

Save on Lights, Locks, Turbo Trainers & Tools

My cycle accessory section features all the cycling extras you might need from the leading brands. Need some bike tools, pumps, cleaning products and lube to maintain your bike? After a solid bike lock to keep your new bike secure? Or are you interested in cycling nutrition products, bike lights, or turbo trainers and rollers, to help keep you riding faster for longer? I've got accessory sections for all of these.

Cycling accessories covers any items which aren't actually part of the bike, and nor are they worn by the rider, but are still a vital part of a cyclist's inventory. Where possible, I've made each bike accessory page searchable by type; for example my bike pumps section covers all the different varieties of pump.

Obviously I don't have every single cycling accessory listed here as there are literally thousands available. I aim to list the items with the largest savings, together with the best prices for the most popular accessories. Hopefully this balance of deals will result in saving you money, especially considering that many cycling accessories, such as energy gels and lube are regular purchases.

I hope these deals come in useful!

So that's a rough guide to what the Bike Bargains website aims to achieve; to save you money on what can be a very expensive hobby!

I might not have the exact cycling kit you're looking for, but I may well have something similar at a very good price.

About Cycling Bargains!

Welcome to Bike Bargains - I scour the internet trying to find the best deals specifically for UK based cyclists. Over the years I've saved hundreds of pounds on cycling gear, simply by shopping around and buying cycling consumables only when they're on sale. Whether you're a road cyclist or a DH mountain biker, I handpick the best money saving cycling related bargains I can find - and will hopefully save you money too! Bike Bargains is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All details are believed to be correct, but please check with the retailer prior to buying - deals and specifications change, and your contract is solely with the retailer.

You can get in touch with me, or view my Privacy Policy.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Shopping!

Hope this helps to save you some money!