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Founded in Sidoarjo, Indonesia in 1989, Polygon Bikes initially began building steel and aluminium bicycles for the South East Asian market. Their success led to expansion, with a concept store launched in 1997, which was followed by gradual worldwide distribution beginning with Australia in 2007.

By 2011, Polygon Bikes could be bought in Europe via their headquarters in Germany, and by 2014 they has reached North American shores.

In the UK, Polygon are distributed by Go Outdoors, a major British retailer. This mirrors what Halfords have achieved with the Carrera brand, Evans with Pinnacle and Decathlon with B'Twin.

One of the main advantages that Polygon hold over their rivals is that they own their manufacturing facilities rather than being built in a 3rd party factory. This lowers costs of manufacturing, as well as gives them a greater range of control over the creation of their bikes, whether it be the welding of the frames, general assembly or paint work.

Polygon currently produce nearly a million bicycles a year, distributed to 30 countries worldwide, which are incredibly competitively priced due to the efficiency of both their production line and distribution.

Polygon's pedigree is underlined by two victories in Red Bull Rampage and winning the UCI DH Team in 2017, proving that their bikes can handle competition at the highest level.

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