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Here you'll find a selection of the best folding bikes for sale in the UK, many of which feature substantial discounts.

Folding Bikes Basics:

  • Unfolds in under 30 seconds, without the need for tools.
  • Folds into a convenient shape when not in use.
  • Typically has 20" (BMX size) wheels to reduce size.
  • Designed for easy transportation and storage.
  • Ideal for those who ride part of their daily commute.
  • Bring them on public transport, where regular bikes are often prohibited.

Whether you're after a cheap yet effective budget friendly folding bike, or a top of the range bike like a Brompton, I aim to cater for all budgets.

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Folding Bikes Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What's a folding bike?

    A folding bike features hinges, quick releases and sturdy joints which enable the bike to fold up into a relatively small shape for easy carrying and storage. Ride to the station, fold the bike, jump on the train, upon arrival unfold and away you go.

    In order to reach the smallest possible size, the wheels are usually 20" in diameter, and the frame relatively small.

    To achieve a practical riding position, the seatpost and stem are slightly longer than a regular bike, with narrow handlebars and pedals folding outwards to reduce the bike's footprint when not in use.

    All of this results in a reasonably upright riding position, and as such a folding bike is designed for shorter journeys; it would not be as efficient as a hybrid or road bike on longer rides.

    You do not need any tools to fold or unfold these bikes, and the majority of users can accomplish this in under 30 seconds with a bit of practice.

    The best folding bikes feature alloy frames to reduce weight, and disc brakes for extra stopping power.

  • What are the downsides of a folding bike?

    Hinges and folding components are not as strong as regular one piece bikes with static components, and so folding bikes are only really designed for tarmac use, with the odd smooth canal path section.

    Due to the single chainring and no front derailleur on the majority of folding bikes, gearing will be fairly low. In layman's terms, it will be easy to pedal, but you won't be able to reach the same top speeds that you would on a road bike.

    Similarly, small wheels are not able to handle bumpy tracks and potholes effectively, so if you wish to ride off road then I would recommend purchasing a mountain bike or gravel bike; you'll ride faster and it'll be more fun!

  • How much do folding bikes weigh?

    It's worth mentioning that the weight of a folding bike is more important factor than for any other form of bicycle; after all they are designed to be carried on public transport and up flights of stairs. You'll end up carrying a folding bike more frequently than any other form of bike, so it's worth taking the overall weight into account prior to purchasing. On the plus side, a folding bicycle is far more convenient to carry than a regular bike, due to their compact shape.

    Weight varies from bike to bike, but those extra hinges, joints and fixings combine to add extra mass compared to regular bikes. Moving parts tend to be the weak points on bicycles, and so these joints need to be over engineered to provide durability.

    As with all bikes, cheaper folding bikes will weigh more than the more expensive lightweight models; typical weights can be anywhere between 12kg and 20kg.

    Where possible, I've provided the individual weight of each bike, so you can make an informed decision.

  • Is a folding bike better than a normal bike?

    This depends on your intended usage. For longer leisure rides we'd recommend a regular bike, as the upright position and smaller wheels of a folding bike are less efficient and fun to ride over greater distances. However, what a folding bike excels at is shorter journeys, and being carried on public transport, where full sized bikes can be prohibited due to their size.

    They can also be stored under a desk or bed, which is handy for those with limited space. In short, for keen cyclists riding long distances, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. For those wanting to ride as part of their daily commute, this is the bike for you.

  • Do folding bikes have a weight limit?

    Folding bikes are built to be as lightweight as possible, in order to increase portability. Lightweight bikes mean less material used to build them.

    Secondly, the folding components of the bike, as with any moving parts on a bicycle, are often the weakest points; as such a regular bike frame will be stiffer and stronger than a similar weight folding frame.

    Thirdly, in order to reach such a compact folded size, the foldable frame is made as small as possible. This results in the stem's steerer and seatpost being far longer than on regular non-folding bikes. Lengthy exposed seatposts with a rider's weight on top, result in a lot of leverage and force on the frame underneath.

    All three of these factors mean that folding bikes often have a maximum rider weight limit. Exceeding this weight may lead to a seatpost or frame breaking under the increased stress, which is especially dangerous given that folding bikes are often used on busy city roads. Where possible, I've listed maximum rider weights so that you can select a bike that's safe to ride.

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