Wiggle Nutrition 20 Hydration Tabs

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Wiggle 20 Hydration Tabs

  • Silver, Black
  • Designed for MTB / Road riding.

Contains balanced electrolytes that you lose through sweat - to ensure optimal hydration and better Less than 7 calories per serving Great tasting fruit flavours Gentle on the stomach Caffeine Free (Blackcurrant flavour) Suitable for Vegetarians: YES Suitable for Vegans: YES Commuter: Yes Touring: Yes Cyclocross: Yes Camping: Yes Time Trial: Yes Road: Yes MTB: Yes Whether you lead an active lifestyle or an elite sporting career, the Wiggle Hydration Tabs can help you get the most out of your water and optimise hydration.

Available in four great tasting flavours, including two NEW flavours Orange and Strawberry! Mixed with 500ml of water, Wiggle Hydration Tabs create a low calorie electrolyte drink to help maintain hydration levels before and during exercise. Wiggle Hydration Tablets contain important electrolytes that you lose through sweat and are less than 7 calories per serving. One pack of 20 tabs will make 10 litres of hydration drink.

Wiggle Sports Nutrition products are designed to taste great, be easy to consume and provide you with the nutrition you need before, during and after exercise. Use Wiggle Hydration Tabs To Maintain Optimum Hydration In Your Active Lifestyle Whether it's for an active lifestyle, a new personal best or a win in elite racing, the Wiggle Hydration Tabs are a great way to ensure you maintain hydration levels before and during exercise, to regulate body temperature and replace the water and electrolytes lost through sweat. Wiggle Hydration Tabs are available in light and refreshing fruit flavours which work alongside other Wiggle Sports Nutrition products.

The addition of balanced electrolytes in the Wiggle Hydration Tabs provides better carbohydrate absorption to help you avoid low blood sugar levels. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration have also been linked to cramp in the body. By drinking the Wiggle Hydration Tabs before and during exercise you can remain hydrated and re-balance electrolytes in the body in a strategy to prevent cramp from affecting your workout or training session.

Wiggle Hydration Tabs are a great tasting, excellent value for money nutritional product that are gentle on your stomach.

Directions for use: Mix one tablet with 500ml of cold water. Allow the tablet to fully dissolve and then shake well.

Consume as part of a healthy and balanced diet as directed.
.. more details.

20 Hydration Tabs Specification

Accessories TypeNutrition
ColourBlack & Silver
SizeOne Size
Designed forMTB, Road
BrandWiggle Essentials
Lowest Price£2.00

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