Campagnolo Record EPS 11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset

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Campagnolo Record EPS 11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset

Campagnolo Record EPS 11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset 175mm, Double, 11 Speed, Carbon, Alloy, Black, Silver Record EPS 11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset by Campagnolo
175mm, Double, 11 Speed, Carbon, Alloy, Black, Silver
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Campagnolo Record EPS 11sp Hydraulic Disc Groupset

Proving Campagnolo is still at the top of its game, this top-level groupset will take your riding to an elite level.

Featuring the superb H11 disc brake system, innovative EPS transmission and an ultra-efficient sprocket setup, this electronic groupset does not cut any corners when it comes to quality. Designed to ensure the best possible pedal, pull and rotation on ever race, it will propel you all the way to the podium. Campagnolo H11 ErgoPower Levers Campagnolo's H11 ErgoPower shift/brake levers provide exceptional performance and comfort thanks to the cutting-edge technology that has been implemented.

These highly-sophisticated hydraulic disc brake specific levers retain the same form and shape that have made Campagnolo the undisputed leader when it comes to ergonomics. The levers compliment the shape of the rider's hand, creating a comfortable and secure positioning. The design team at Campagnolo has implemented the hydraulic master cylinder into the ErgoPower lever and is only 8mm taller than the rim brake counterpart, retaining the legendary lever shape.

Comfortable, Efficient and Reliable Shifters The new H11 lever design is universally comfortable but can be fine-tuned and customised very easily to fit your own unique hand shape. You can adjust the exact positioning of the initial lever placement and modify the performance to meet your own individual braking style. The H11 can be adapted to suit the rider perfectly, leaving the focus to be on the road and task at hand.

These levers take the precision, reliability and efficiency from the Super-Record groupsets and combines with the exceptional power of the Campagnolo's hydraulic disc brake system to give you the best shift and brake performance that it has to offer.

(Please note: Bottom Bracket not included) Features: Refined ergonomics of the Ergopower body New and optimised Brake Lever ergonomics Brake Lever features double curve design AMS Adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System) Reach Adjustment Hydraulic master cylinder Upper bleed port on ErgoPower body One lever, one action Varicushion brake lever hoods, which feature variable density and surface finishes for supreme comfort and efficiency Ultra-shift function enables multiple shifting for greater control, perfect for racing and endurance riding Derailleur cable adjust barrel Weight: 462g Campagnolo Super Record 11-Speed Front Derailleur The EPS Record electronic derailleur seamlessly interacts with the chainset and enhances the elevated derailleur speed and precision made possible with Campagnolo's X.P.S.S. technology.

The 8 special upward zones and 2 downward zones for the chainrings associated to the speed and precision of the new EPS derailleur guarantee top performance. This creates optimal solidity and rigidity ensuring that the derailleur maintains a correct position with respect to the frame.

Features: Automatic Correction: Compared to the traditional mechanical derailleur that could be adjusted with micro displacements made by acting on the levers manually, the EPS derailleur is equipped with a very sophisticated electronic Automatic Possition Correction system.

DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence is housed inside the Power Unit and it continuously monitors the signals that arrive from all the EPS components, thus managing their operation.

Water Proof: In order to achieve the IP67 classification, all the electronic components of the EPS system underwent a series of tests, which proved their ability to function perfectly under one meter of water for at least 30 minutes.

Technologies: Advanced Construction: Composed of a mechanical structure with dropout and a series of electronic parts, this fantastic front mech is equipped with an outer derailleur rod that's held in place by a double-finned pin that passes all the way through to increase rigidity.

The core of the derailleur is composed of an electronic actuator; in turn composed of a gear motor with a built-in resolver that uses Magnetic Hall Sensor technology (as the sensor is not in contact it is not affected by the vibrations generated by the terrain and is therefore always precise). The gear motor was developed in partnership with a Swiss company that produces electric motors used in missions to Mars. The actuator is also equipped with a ""cascade gearbox"" which allows movement to be transferred in an exact and rapid manner.

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Rear Derailleur The rear derailleur encompasses a series of technologies and innovations that allow shifting speed to be optimised and guarantee unprecedented precision, even in the case of multiple shifting with 11 sprockets at a time. The EPS rear derailleur is comprised mainly of a mechanical structure, derived from the mechanical gear and composed of a derailleur rod/parallelogram/derailleur cage, of a worm screw enabled by an electronic actuator. As with the derailleur, the electronic rear derailleur actuator is composed of a gear motor and a sensor, the built-in resolver, that reads its movements.

Features: DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence is housed inside the Power Unit and it continuously monitors the signals that arrive from all the EPS components, thus managing their operation.

Multi-Shifting: There are no longer any limits to Multi-shifting and the choice is at the fingertips of the cyclist.

Ride Back Home: The uncoupling mechanism of the rear derailleur is useful if the battery runs out on the road, allowing you to manually uncouple the rear derailleur to position it on which ever sprocket you require.

Water Proof: In order to achieve the IP67 classification, all the electronic components of the EPS system underwent a series of tests, which proved their ability to function perfectly under one meter of water for at least 30 minutes. Campagnolo H11 Crankset The Campagnolo H11 Crankset features a design that is specific to disc brake frames and groupsets. As the rear hub spacing is wider on a disc brake frame, Campagnolo has designed this crankset to pair perfectly mechanically and to function exceptionally with disc brake spaced frames without having to increase the Q-Factor (distance the rider's feet are away from each other).

This superb attention to detail enables any rider to get on a bike equipped with this crankset to experience the comfort and confidence not commonly found with other branded modern road disc brake specific cranksets.

Features: Fully Compatible with disc brake frames/bikes Q-Factor maintained at 145.5mm USB bearing system Ultra-Torque axle New Chainring profile design Optimised upshifting pins for each chainring combination to ensure accuracy Hollow cranks and spider arms feature "Ultra-Hollow" technology 8 Bolt retention design increases efficiency and structural integrity Weight: 628g Power Unit DTI EPS V3 The Power Unit was originally designed to fit internally to protect it from the elements and provide an aerodynamic advantage to the overall build.

With the advent of increasingly aerodynamic frames with even slimmer tube forms, Campagnolo has produced an even more advanced version of its power unit: the V3.

This new version of the internal power unit maintains all of the previous characteristics and technologies but all in a slimmer, more versatile package. This new structure opens up the possibilities for internal mounting not only in the most aerodynamic framesets with very slim tube designs, but it also gives a greater deal of flexibility with regards to placement within the frameset. Thanks to this new slim structure the EPS advantage is now available for all frames, no matter which make or model you choose.

Features: DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence - The heart and brain of the EPS drivetrain.

Waterproof - IP 67: The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards On Board Diagnostic: The EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of malfunctions Weight: 106g DTI EPS V3 Interface Features: Dialogue with "MYCAMPY" app Easy access to the charging port Analogue-digital signal conversion "Zero setting" and "Ride setting" DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence On Board Diagnostic Campagnolo Record Cassette The Record cassette exploits a new frame for the two supersize titanium sprocket triplets. The strength and resistance to torsion have been increased as a result and the design of the teeth strains the chain less.

The eleven sprockets are even more efficient despite the reduction of the thicknesses and the teeth optimize the speed and fluidity of shifting to reduce stress on the chain which ascends more easily onto the higher diameter sprockets. Finally, large pinions are divided into sets of three and are mounted on a new aluminium frame to increase rigidity by 180% and make the sprockets 70% more resistant to torsion.

Features Ultra-Shift teeth design Tooth Count: 11/29 Reinforced mounts for second and third triplets Ultra-Shift synchronization 6 titanium sprockets Nickel-Chrome surface treatment Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Chain The engine of the 11-speed drivetrain is the chain.

It eliminates all friction with the sprockets adjacent to those in operation and its special treatment ensures smoothness. Campagnolo has reduced the width of the chain to 5.5 millimetres with the new spacing and a new material has been envisaged for the outer links. The pins are hollow inside to reduce the weight while maintaining strength.

There's also an Ni-PTFE treatment to ensure smoothness and long life and the Ultra-Link fastening system guarantees strength and operation with the new 11-speed sprockets.

Features: Ultra-Link chain link connecting system Special steel links Antifriction NI-PTFE treatment Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper The Campagnolo hydraulic caliper provides exceptional braking power and due to its ultra-stiff and reliable construction, braking performance will not fade as they heat up when braking for long periods of descending. The pistons are made from the highest quality phenolic resin, which provide excellent thermal insulation properties and superior power transfer from the brake lever to the caliper.

The caliper also features a metallic return spring to pull the pads back into place once the braking force has been released by the rider and is compatible with all flat-mount equipped forks and frames on the market without the need for adaptors or converters.

Features: Flat Mount Standard 22mm Piston Width Integrated Magnetic Piston Spring Pads feature a wear limit indicator Rounded brake pad edges Anti-vibration metal pad backing Cleaner caliper engagement Fast to setup and safe assembly Weight: 115g Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotor To compliment this high-quality, ultra-performance groupset, the Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotors ensure that no performance is lost. This rotor design dissipates heat extremely well, proving excellent consistency, reliability and braking safety.

These rotors also provide the fastest reduction in speed with the least amount of braking force when compared with similar options from Campagnolo competitors.

Features: Compatible with Centrelock and AFS hubs Rounded external edge for clearing and safety High heat resistance Optimised spoke count for different rotor sizes Rivet Connection Engineered to ensure a safe distance between rotor and caliper, which promotes efficient cooling under consistent usage Rotors: 140mm (99g) and 160mm (120g) Weight: 99g.

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Campagnolo Groupsets

The Italian bike component manufacturer Campagnolo is best known for it's range of groupsets and drivetrain related products. Founded in 1933 by road cyclist Tullio Campagnolo, based upon ideas he had for amongst others, wheels and derailleurs. In 1940 their first rear derailleur entered production, enabling the rider to change gears without removing their rear wheel. Although primarily a cycling company, Campag (as they are often abbreviated to) have also manufactured products for the sports auto industry for brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Achievements in the cycling world include helping Eddy Merckx set the world hour record in 1972. As the years progressed, the number of gears increased, with 8 Speed (1991), 9 Speed (in 1997), 10 speed (in 2000) and now 11 speed in 2008. Notable riders to have won the Tour de France on Campag equipment include Eddy Merckx (5 times), Bernard Hinault (5 times), Greg LeMond (twice) and Miguel Indurain (5 times). In recent times Riis, Ullrich, Pantani, Pereiro and Nibali have won riding with Campagnolo.

For more information on their history, please visit their Wikipedia page, or you can see their current range of components here.

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