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As far as I'm aware this Sigma Sports deal is sold out.

Whether you're training indoors or outdoors, the Sigma RC Move Watch is the perfect companion for all ambitious athletes.

  • Black, Silver, White, One Size, Plastic, Steel
  • Designed for MTB / Road riding.
  • Made from Plastic & Steel.

Sigma RC Move Watch

This sports watch is packed with multiple training functions, intuitive operation, and modern Bluetooth Smart Technolgy.

It features large buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to use.

The display has large, easy-to-read digits and a full-text display. The display backlight guarantees optimum legibility even after dark. The silicone strap feels soft against the wrist and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Coming complete with heart rate monitoring, a calorie counter, watertight construction and intensity zones, this is an ideal training partner for helping you get the best out of every session.

Technologies: Free Training & Interval Training: When using the RC MOVE, you can train based on a wide range of parameters. The modes for the different training types are defined in the settings menu.

When using free training, training can occur in line with several target zones such as FIT, FAT and OWN. A classic interval training session is comprised of a warm-up, interval/recovery stage, plus a cool down. It can be completed based on specified times or heart rate levels.

While training, acoustic and visual signals indicate if the upper and lower limits have been breached and will announce the end of each phase.

Current Heart Rate: The current, EKG-accurate heart rate, is displayed on all display views. It is recorded via the R1 Bluetooth Smart transmitter that is attached to the comfortable textile chest belt.

Maximum Heart Rate: The maximum heart rate reached during the training session can be displayed as one of several display views.

Average Heart Rate: The average heart rate for a training session is continuously calculated and can be viewed on the display.

HR Graph: The heart rate graph is extremely useful and displays the progression of your heart rate throughout the training session.

Intensity Zones: The RC MOVE features four intensity zones. You can use the pre-programmed zones, or customize them. This display shows the heart rate frequency distribution during the training session and the current intensity zone.

The default settings for the intensity zones are based on the abbreviations BE1, BE1/2, BE2 (development zone), and CE (peak zone).

Intensity Zone 1: Basic Endurance 1, 60-70% of the HR max; Intensity Zone 2: Basic Endurance 1/2, 70-80% of the HR max; Intensity Zone 3: Basic Endurance 2, 80-90% of the HR max; Intensity Zone 4: Competition Endurance, 90-100% of the HR max.

Automated Training and Target Zones: After entering your age, gender, and weight, select your desired target zone, the watch will automatically calculate the upper and lower limits of your heart rate zone.

To boost your physical fitness, use the FIT zone. For optimum fat burning, train in the FAT zone.

Zone Alarm: The watch emits an acoustic alarm if you are no longer training within the defined target zone.

Zone Indicator: An arrow indicates whether you need to reduce or increase the intensity of your workout to train in the pre-defined heart rate zone.

Zone Bar: The distribution of your heart rate ranges across the four intensity zones is visually displayed as a bar chart with percentage values. An arrow also indicates the zone in which you are currently training.

Lap Counter and Easy LapView: The RC MOVE records up to 99 interval/lap times. The lap time appears on the display at the end of each lap. If this is your quickest lap time so far, the lap is displayed as the BEST LAP.

Otherwise, the time is displayed as your LAST LAP. The individual training laps can be directly evaluated on the watch using the Easy LapView function.

Simply press and hold the START button to view the following data: Lap time, Time since start, Calories, Average heart rate, Min/max heart rate and Best lap.

Best Lap: The lap time appears on the display at the end of each lap. If this is your quickest lap time so far, the lap is displayed as the BEST LAP. Otherwise, the time is displayed as your LAST LAP.

Total Values: The Memory menu within the RC MOVE can be used to view all training statistics recorded by the watch. This includes statistics for the week and month, total values and even individual training sessions. The values are transmitted to SIGMA DATA CENTER using the SIGMA wireless dongle.

They can then be saved and analyzed in detail.

EKG Accurate: The heart rate recorded using the R1 Blue Comfortex+ chest belt is EKG accurate making it a reliable tool for controlling your training.

Calorie Counter: Your calorie consumption is calculated and displayed during each training session based on your personal details, heart rate and training time.

Alarm Clock: Just like conventional watches, the RC MOVE can be used as an alarm clock with several programmable alarm functions.

Watertight: The RC MOVE is watertight and can be used when swimming*. (*excluding the heart rate).

Battery Status Indicator: The RC MOVE provides a timely warning once the battery capacity becomes low.

Button Lock: The button lock is another practical function that prevents the watch from being accidentally started. It can be disabled with a simple press of a button.

Full Text Display: All functions are displayed in full text, making them self-explanatory and recognizable at a glance. Choose from five different languages.

Display Backlight: If the light mode is enabled, the backlight illuminates for three seconds each time you press a button.

This makes the RC MOVE useable at dusk or during the night! R1 Blue: SIGMA SPORT's R1 BLUE sensor transmits heart rate via energy-saving Bluetooth (R) SMART technology. This enables the R1 BLUE to communicate with multiple smartphones, computers and sports devices. The RC MOVE, the SIGMA MOVE app, and all other sport apps that support Bluetooth (R) SMART READY technology and use heart rate data can display the R1 BLUE's values.

The R1 BLUE ensures the heart beats are precisely recorded with a measuring range of 30 to 240 beats per minute. The RR intervals in milliseconds for determining the heart rate variability, the device information, and the battery status are also transmitted. The battery compartment can be opened using a coin, making it easy to replace the standard CR 2032 button cell battery.

The R1 BLUE can withstand a static water pressure of 3 ATM for a limited period, making it ideal for most sporting activities.

Zoom Function: The zoom function makes it possible to enlarge values on the display while training.

Favourites Function: Thanks to the favorites function, you can choose two different values to be displayed on each of the nine pages.

Manufacturer's Part Numbers: S-22710 Black/Silver S-22711 White/Silver Heart rate monitor. Calorie counter. Intensity zones.

Lap counter. Alarm Clock. Watertight.

Battery Status Indicator. Backlight display. Training functions.

Comfortable Silicone strap.

Bluetooth Enabled: Yes.

Charging Method: Other.

.. more details.

RC Move Watch Specification

Accessories TypeHeart Rate Monitors
Colour, ,
Designed for,
BrandSigma Sports
Lowest Price£29.61

Where to buy the Sigma RC Move HRM Watch?

As far as I'm aware, this Sigma Sports RC Move Watch deal has expired.

You can see if it is back on sale

or if I have any other suitable Heart Rate Monitors.

This Sigma Sports deal was originally found at Wiggle, costing £29.61 (down from £98.69) and was last updated on 2nd September 2021.

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