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Here you'll find my Articles and How to Guides on cycling related topics, such as bikes, clothing, parts & accessories.

Road Bikes

Road Bike Sizing
I've written a comprehensive road bike size guide, complete with a size calculator, sizing charts for men & women, and a whole host of information on related topics that will help you to establish the correct size road bike.
Find out about how to measure your body (height and inside leg), stand over height, the effective top tube, stack height, reach, seatpost and saddle position as well as the importance of your upper body measurements and arm span when choosing a road bike size.

Gravel Bikes

Can you use a gravel bike for road cycling?
My article on the advantages and disadvantages of riding a gravel bike on the road, with a breakdown of how each aspect of a gravel bike makes it less or more suitable to a regular road bike when on the tarmac.
Hopefully this article will save those with a gravel bike some money by suggesting adjustments that can be made to their existing bike, rather than spalshing out on an additional road machine.

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