Ultrasport Multirun 200 Heart-Rate Monitor Watch black

Ultrasport Multirun 200 Heart-Rate Monitor Watch

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Ideal for leisure sportsmen and sportswomen. Fantastic for mountain hiking, skiing, running training, sailing etc.. Full dot display for a better screen resolution. Digital chest strap enables heart-rate measurement with ECG precision. Large log functions Ultrasport Multifunctional Heart-rate Monitor with Chest Strap MultiRun 200 LOG Time of day - Heart-Rate Measurement - Altitude measurement Barometer - Weather tendency display Thermometer Compass Pacer - Calorie counter - Battery charge indicator Top Features Heart-rate measurement with ECG precision - 3-zone training alarm - Training time - Alarm signal if the adjustable limits are exceeded or not reached - Manually adjustable heart-rate limits - Maximum heart-rate - Indication to show whether you are training in the target performance zone - Energy expenditure (calories) - Pace counter View larger Altitude range: -706 m to 9164 m - Precision: 1 metre - Recording intervals: 0-5 min/1 sec. = 5-..min/1 min. - Graphic altitude display for the last 23 hours - Barometer: Barometer functions, current temperature display - Compass: Compass functions, 0-359 degrees, precision: 1 degree, Graphic 60 segments View larger Weather forecast: Weather tendency display: sun, sun and clouds, cloudy and rain symbols - General instructions: Waterproof, display backlight, includes batteries (simple replacement in transmitter)- Detailed operating instructions View larger Time of day, alarm clock function, date/calendar function,Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer (quick-set value) Recording and analysis of circuit times (up to 100 circuits) Ultrasport We have successfully produced ranges of products for sports and outdoor categories for many years. We distribute these products exclusively through Amazon under the brand name Ultrasport. Discover more exclusive offers, great bargains, and product highlights - new each month in the Ultrasport product world. Box Contains Watch Chest strap Detailed user instructions
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