SRAM XX Double 10 speed Low Direct MTB Front Mech Top or Bottom Pull

SRAM XX Double 10 speed Low Direct MTB Front Mech

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Advanced ideas require precise execution. XX demands precise frame fit specifications that are unique to XX. These specifications are the result of the innovative and revolutionary technology that makes XX shifting the lightest, fastest, and most precise in the mountain bike market today. Please take the time to carefully review the frame fit specifications to ensure you have the information you need to build the perfect XX equipped mountain bike. We didn't compromisewhen developing the XX group; we know you won't either. XThe low-profile XX Front Derailleur was designed from scratch specifically for 2x10. Its a critical part of the XX shifting experience: the fastest front shift ever. Offered in a wide variety of clamp-mount and direct-mount options. Direct Mounts Defined: Direct Mount FDs give frame designers freedom and flexibility. Based on specific manufacturers frame designs, we are offering multiple XX Direct Mount types: S1, S2 and S3.Since Direct Mount FDs are chainring specific, each type is available in the following options: 26-39, 28-42, (For example, 28-42 rings require a 28-42 Direct Mount FD.)There are a number of manufacturers now using the Direct Mount system for their front mechs that screw directly onto specific mounts on the frame as opposed to regular band-on mechs, but there are a number of different standards for the mounts being used, hence why SRAM make S1, S2 and S3 options. Direct Mount is not a SRAM specific standard, but they are now making front mechs to accommodate these new standards. S1 Easy to recognise, as it is the only one with a 42.7mm gap between the centres of the 2x mounting holes! S2 Has a smaller 22.1mm gap between the centres of the 2x mounting holes. These 2x holes are also offset by aprox 5mm, with the front one being set further out (i.e. closer to the derailleur cage). The front mounting hole is almost flush with the inner cage of the derailleur when fully retracted (i.e. as it comes out of the box) S3 Also has 22.1mm gap between the centres of the 2x mounting holes. However, these 2x holes are flat, not offset. The inner cage of the derailleur sits a fair way out from the mounting bracket (aprox 16.75mm measured from the inside of the mount bracket to the outside of the INNER cage) when fully retracted (i.e. as it comes out of the box) Direct Mount front derailleurs are also chainring specific, as there is no provision to raise or lower them for different sized chainrings, hence why there are separate XX mechs for 39t and 42t chainring set-ups TP Top Pull BP - Bottom Pull Final Note: Your frame must be designed for a Direct Mount FD in order to use one. Specifications: Cage Material: Steel Clamp Material: Forged AL-6061-T6 Hardware: TORX T25 bolts Shifting Positions: 2 Cable Routing: Top or bottom pull Direct Mount Types: S1, S2, S3 Options per type: 26-39, 28-42 Weight: 116 grams
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