Mont Blanc S3 3 Bike Easygrip Rear Mount Cycle Carrier

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was £245.29 now £101.85!
Product Description S3 Mont Blanc S3 EASYGRIP 3 BIKE TRAY A maximum of three cycles can be transported Cycles are securely seated on adjustable aluminium rails with attachments and straps Fits most cycle models Fitting kit required Transports up to 3 bikes Includes bike spacers to ensure there is no contact between bikes Secured to the tailgate using metal straps for a specific fitment Stores flat Plastic coated clamps protect your paintwork Bikes positioned so not obscure lights and number plate (dependent on vehicle) Aluminium wheel trays to provide increase bike stability Art.No. 691253 Formerly: S3 Technical Specification Frame: 25mm - 80mm Capacity: 3 bikes Attachment: Metal straps Material: Steel Colour: Silver Warranty: 3 years Weight: 13.6 KG Secure, stable cycle holder that is secured to the tailgate using the quick attachments. The cycle holder is easily set up for the car when it is fitted for the first time, and is then easy to re-fit and removed from the car. The cycle holder can be folded up when not in use and stored in the car's boot or hung on the garage wall. Requires fitting kit specific to vehicle, numbered 1 to 4. See application guide on each Fitting Kit for car suitability.
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