Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Fork Titanium MTB Downhill Suspension Forks 2015

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Deflection: 200 mm 1.50 Inch (38 mm) Standrohre. Espresso Coating Fits 26 "or rated 27.5 inch cycles Weight: 2,750 g Tapered Fork Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Titanium. Downhill is not just about going fast, its the need of speed. The adrenalin that boosts your brain and body to reach the next level and go for the ride of a lifetime: this is downhill. All is played in just a few seconds and if you need to perform at your best, your gear needs to be just perfect. We all know how important the role of the suspensions in this few seconds is in order to keep you floating between the trail and your dream of success. A real Italian Espresso. Thats what your need, every morning! The Espresso boost your performance keeping your focused on all the issues that really matter. No friction, only control. The proprietary Espresso coating is the latest evolution in anodizing process that allowed to increase durability and stiffness of the stanchion tubes by decreasing friction and keeping tolerances tight as never before. The feeling you get is unique with an incredible riding confidence by feeling each single roughness of the terrain being washed away by the suspension. Only with a real perception of control you will have the chance to ride beyond your limits and once you taste it you cant forget it. 65th | 25th Anniversary, lets celebrate. When people celebrate an anniversary usually they rise up their glasses and wish themselves all the best. But you know, we at Marzocchi are different! First we dont have to celebrate one but two anniversary, and we decided to do it presenting to the world the most efficient, performing and complete product range we ever made. All high end mountain bike suspension products that bring all the experience we developed in 65 long years in the motorcycle and automotive business backed up with 25 incredible years in the cycle industry. During this time we have been through all the evolution of global mobility reaching the top in motorsport and mountain biking. We created new ways to live the sport, we developed unmatched technologies crossing from one discipline to the other
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