Marzocchi 350 NCR Titanium MTB Suspension Fork

160mm, 1.1/8" - 1.5" - Tapered, 27.5" - This deal has been marked as expired - so is probably not available at this price anymore. You can check the latest price by clicking the "Latest Price" button below.
was £999.99 now £427.49!
Marzocchi 350 NCR Titanium Forks - 15mm The 350 NCR forks from Marzocchi are ideal for Enduro use, for skilled riders, steep, aggressive slopes, large obstacles, and moderate jumps. Featuring the super efficient DBC and AER cartridge. Performance is an attitude. Features:Damping: (L) - NCR, (R) - Titanium Spring k 7.3 N/mm Spring: Coil Seal: SKF race seal Steerer: Tapered aluminium Crown: Matching Stanchions: 35mm Espresso Treatment Brake System: 6" post mount Axle: 15mm QRMaximum Rotor Size: 203mm Weight: 2150g / 4.74lbs Technologies:DBC Hybrid Technology: The Dynamic Bleed Cartridge is the most efficient riding control solution, which takes all the advantages of the most popular damping systems on the market: open bath and sealed cartridge. Based on a hybrid system, the DBC cartridge is a low pressure system with a compensation reservoir controlled by a coil spring instead of an air pressurised chamber. The oil will flow through two different circuits that, in the case of extreme riding, will allow the fluid to rush out the cartridge when the system gets under high pressure. The oil will then be sucked by the cartridge inside again through a one way seal avoiding air getting mixed with the fluid, keeping the sliders lubricated and every damping tuning step effective and consistent in the roughest riding sessions.Espresso Coating: That's what you need, every morning! The Espresso boosts your performance keeping you focused on all the issues that really matter. No friction, only control. The proprietary Espresso coating is the latest evolution in the anodising process that allows increased durability and stiffness of the stanchion tubes by decreasing friction and keeping tolerances tighter than ever before. The feeling you get is unique with incredible riding confidence by feeling every single roughness of the terrain being washed away by the suspension. Only with a real perception of control will you have the chance to ride beyond your limits and once you taste it you won't be able to get enough.NCR: Based on the LCR technology, it's the ideal combination between motorcycle technology and Enduro competition needs. Smooth damping, reliable and as low maintenance as an open bath system but as lightweight as a sealed cartridge at the same time. Low speed compression and rebound can be adjusted by turning the knobs, both with a plus: the high speed rebound can be tuned by upgrading to a custom shim stack and the compression can be slowed down to challenge each climb!
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