Elite Realtour RITMO Elastogel Cycle Turbo Trainer blue, white

Elite Realtour RITMO Elastogel Cycle Turbo Trainer

blue, white - With the RealTour at last you can ride in your own home just like outside on the road! The RealTour is an electronic training roller which, thanks to its interaction with the PC, can faithfully simulate the road and help riders in their training. Features: Frame: The frame reinforced with tubes of 50 mm diameter makes the bicycle + roller system very stable and safe in any situation and under any stress. Clamping System: Easy, fast, safe. Just lower the lever to completely secure the bicycle to the support frame, the bicycle is secured/released with a single operation; lever locking is automatic without requiring any additional operation. Resistance Unit: The magnetic resistance unit with electronic adjustment is one of the most efficient and develops a maximum power of up to approx 500 watt (for a weight of 85kg at a speed of 30 km/h). Flywheel: Large flywheel to guarantee smoother pedalling Elastogel roller: Reduces noise and tyre wear and to increase grip. The larger diameter means less roller revolutions at equivalent speed and therefore less tyre wear and increased quietness. The material of the roller is a technopolymer compound prepared by Elite and tested in the laboratories of Padua University. The tests carried out showed that Elastogel reduces the noisiness of wheel/roller friction by 50%. Console: The console positioned on the handlebar allows the software to be controlled even without getting off the bicycle. This is particularly useful during training and allows the cyclist to activate/deactivate different types of information during training. The console contains a receiver for heart rate monitors compatible with all standard band transmitters (at 5KHz), both coded and non coded. Wiring: The system uses a USB cable for the connection to the computer . This solution ensures high reliability and compatibility. A network cable is used for the connection between the console and the resistance. The differentation of all different types of wiring prevents the user from making a mistake, further simplifying installation. Software Characteristics: The software that runs the system is included in the pack and supplied on a DVD. Installation is very easy, in being completely automatic and user friendly, and performs all the operations necessary for correct installation of the programme and all its components. The programme offers many possibilities, with various parts of the programme accessible form the initial screen. Cycle-Simulation with Videos Courses: This method of training allows the cyclist to train like on the real road. In fact, during training, the video of the course being done is displayed on the computer screen and it's speed is linked to that of the bicycle. At the same time, starting from the speed, slope of the section and the cyclist's weight, the programme calculated the same resistance and the power that the cyclist would develop on the road. In this way, the cyclist will feel the same fatigue as pedalling on the real road. Therefore the cycle-simulation is truly complete, since the programme manages to perfectly simulate what the cyclist sees with his eyes and feels in his legs. Training Programmes: This training mode allows cyclists to train in a specific way for their own needs, creating training programmes. Consulting Saved Data: The history screen allows the cyclist to display and consult all the data of previously saved training sessions. The main table shows a training session for each line and the following information is given: date, name course/training, average speed, average cadence, average power, average heart rate, difficulty etc.
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