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Backpacks that have been specifically designed for cycling tend to differ from regular rucksacks, in several areas. Firstly aerodynamics is a major factor when considering the overall design - the less air you disturb when moving forward, the easier it is to cycle. As such, the pack should be fitted directly behind your profile, and not overlap past your sides or shoulders.

Secondly, a cycle backpack will tend to feature a degree of weatherproofing that the majority of regular packs, with the exception of general outdoor hiking packs, don't include. Thirdly, cycling rucksacks are designed to fit securely against your body, minimising lateral movement when out of the saddle; This will soak up your energy, and make pedalling far less efficient. Ideally the pack should act like an extension of your body, and be fastened with side straps in addition to the traditional shoulder straps.

There should also be a breathable gap between your back and the pack, to help disperse excess body heat - no-one wants a sweaty back, particularly if you're commuting! Finally, a few extra small pockets for tools, energy gels and spare tubes come in handy. Some packs also come with built in drinks bladders - I have a separate hydration pack section for these products. Below are my cycling specific backpack deals, arranged with the biggest discounts first.

Red - 67% off
blue - 60% off
32 Litres, Green, Black - 55% off
26 Litres, Green, Black - 50% off

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This Week's Best Deals!

XL, XXL, Black - 50% off
S, M, L, XL, Black - 50% off
S, M, L, XL, Yellow, Red, Black - 50% off
S, XXL, Red, Blue - 74% off
S, M, L, XL, XXL, Grey - 66% off
Shimano, 27.5", Black, White, 9,10 or 11 Speed - 66% off

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